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Integrity can make you a Great Leader!

Integrity is doing the right thing in any situations or circumstances, even when no one is watching us. A person with integrity never makes excuses or put blames on anyone on his shortcomings. To develop integrity, we must develop a healthy respect for God. If you have the integrity then you have the capability to be a great leader.

Please yourself rather than pleasing others

Saying “No’ to others is not easy especially when you care about them and you feel they will get annoyed or dislike you. But for the sake of your own happiness, it becomes very important to clearly describe others what you feel and what you want. Stop apologizing or feeling guilty if you don’t agree with others. It is time to stand on your own terms and think about pleasing yourself first instead of pleasing others and feeling powerless.

Are you aware of truth behind your behavior change?

Are you experiencing a weird change in your behavior? It can be getting emotional while watching TV or your thinking starts matching with your parents rather than your kids or new generation. If yes, then it is definitely happening to you. Yes, you are turning to your mother. If you want to know more, read this interesting story which reveals the amazing nine symptoms to explain that you are adapting your Mom.

Theist or Atheist? Who are you?

Life may take some unexpected turns. You may experience such situations that are against your will. At that time, people generally lose faith in God. They give up all hopes and start feeling like God can never fulfill their wish. If you too are experiencing the same bitterness against God in yourself then you must read this.

Learn to Live in PRESENT

Great saying by Brendan Francis that – “No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today.” No one can alert us to live in a moment, it’s our responsibility to cope with the every past situation to live tension-free in the present. Here are six steps that you can take to get more mindful and active.