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Protein Rich Pineapple Coco Smoothie

Smoothies are a delicious way to consume fruits that you don’t even like to eat regularly. Moreover, if you haven’t tried any green smoothie before, then Pineapple Coco Smoothie is a healthy and refreshing drink to start with. Being a rich source of protein and Vitamin C, pineapple has lots of health benefits. Along with coconut goodness and banana flavour, this tropical fruit pairs up well. Don’t miss this healthy regular breakfast recipe!

Home Remedies to Heal Corns on Feet

As we move forward with our daily work routines, our feet are exposed to excess walking or travelling pressure. It causes hard and thickened skin in circle forms at specific foot points, known as corns. Corns lead to excessive pain and the reason behind may be uncomfortable footwear, walking or standing for too long time. Here are some useful home remedies to help cure corns naturally.

Healthy Weeknight Dinner Plans

The weekend is near and you must be planning to cook something special for your family. We are here to give you the fantastic weeknight meal idea to relish – Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps. Make your dish healthier using the low-carb tortillas wraps and fill them with lean ground beef, lettuce, tomato, a little cheese. No one can refuse from having these delicious wraps while serving.

Natural Ways to Treat Cavities

Oral Health is directly concerned with our diet. Sugary foods like milk, candies or cakes are often left in our teeth. Bacteria grew on such food eat away tooth and cause tooth decay. Eating too many sweet products, not brushing regularly and many more reasons are responsible for it. Learn more about its causes and how to heal it naturally.

Diet Delusions about these tempting foods

A new study exposes diet delusions about luring foods like chocolates, coffee, and red wine. Eating a small square bit of Dark Chocolate daily protects you from heart stroke. A glass of Red Wine holds grapes goodness that lessens the risk of cancer and brain diseases. Coffee can refresh the mind and helps to work for hours. Instead of binging, add a little quantity of these indulgences to your diet to stay more healthy.

Happy Vegan Pizza Meal

If you prefer only meat meal then try to go vegan for at least a day in a week. It will not only keep you healthy but also give you a different flavor to enjoy. Here is a super delicious vegan pizza recipe with a topping of healthy ingredients like creamed spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, and olives. Add salt and pepper as per your taste buds and enjoy happy vegan hour once in a week.

Little Guidance If You Are Struggling

If you are stuck in things and it is becoming overwhelming to you, and wondering that if someone could help you, then That’s You! To cope and survive with your strugglings can be tough but not unmanageable. Keep everything asides and give your feelings the first priority, feel your inner feelings, and make sure you are making every possible effort to dragging you out from the struggle.