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Shrimp and Asparagus Stir Fry Recipe

Today’s recipe is especially for the seafood lovers. If it’s been a long time since you last ate meaty stuff then it is a wonderful idea to relish shrimps with asparagus. The Gourmet ginger paste and happy lemon sauce make this stir fry really outstanding. This recipe is really too nutritional and it will just take 20 minutes to get ready.

Homemade Mushroom Pizza Delight Treat

Replace your daily meat diet by Mushrooms as they are a better nutrient source and give same taste. You can go with the most delicious mushroom pizza recipe for trial. Always remember for making perfect pizza the trick is that oven should be preheated at least 45 minutes before baking for the crispy crust and gooey cheese. Customize your pizza with the topping of caramelised onions,mushrooms, sauce, olives, crushed red pepper, and parsley.

Snack Time Favorite Stromboli Recipe

Are you diving into the cheesy flavor of Stromboli in the above picture? It is really tempting snack and 20 minutes serving recipe, so why you should get unaware of this recipe. You can make your dish more gratifying by using mozzarella cheese and thin crust pizza. Stuff pizza with toppings according to your taste buds but in the limited amount otherwise it will go soggy.

Must Try Peach Carrot Smoothie

Smoothies are considered as the healthiest breakfast and a very good post-workout diet. You can enjoy it anytime when you feel hungry and need something satisfying. Have you ever tried Peach Carrot Smoothie? It is a very easy recipe and just includes five ingredients- peaches, banana, baby carrots, coco water and Greek yogurt. The smoothie is so delicious and dairy free that you will not even leave the last sip of the blender.

Super Easy Stuffed Tomatoes Picnic Meal

Planning for a family picnic this weekend? Rather than eating outside, you can prepare your own picnic portable meals. Here is a mouthwatering recipe of Jalapeno Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes that you can pack as picnic meal with yourself. Just cut tomatoes from the top and remove the inner fillings with the spoon. Stuff them with tuna salad. You can make your salad spicy or flavorful as you like.

Quick Recipe for Apple Caramel Treat

If you are looking for delicious fruit dessert, go with Apple Fries, easy and quick apple caramel treat to enjoy in this season. This dish is too healthy and delightfully relishing. You will just require store bought pie crusts and store bought pie filling to make apple fries and you can enjoy them with caramel sauce or dip them in whipped cream for additional yumminess.