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Diet Delusions about these tempting foods

A new study exposes diet delusions about luring foods like chocolates, coffee, and red wine. Eating a small square bit of Dark Chocolate daily protects you from heart stroke. A glass of Red Wine holds grapes goodness that lessens the risk of cancer and brain diseases. Coffee can refresh the mind and helps to work for hours. Instead of binging, add a little quantity of these indulgences to your diet to stay more healthy.

Effective Tips for Asthmatic Patients

Asthma is one of the serious attacks that may occur at any age when person’s airways become inflamed and swollen. Symptoms you may feel in asthma are wheezing, coughing, chest tightness or shortness of breath. Doctors advise avoiding the atmosphere that irritates patient’s airways like dust, dirt, and smoke. Learn how your food choices can avoid this life-threatening attack.

A Healthy Diet Tribute to Healthy Heart

The Ornish Diet is said to be the best diet for healthy hearts which includes all the beans, grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables, low-fat and no-fat dairy products. Good health means to have a good diet, daily exercise, and supplements which can’t get from diet. Have a look at these powerful foods that will lower cholesterol level, and help you to boost your heart’s strength.

Pregnancy Zone- Most Embarrassing Problems Every Woman Face

Being pregnant makes a woman take an extra care of her health. Throughout pregnancy period a woman goes through lots of physical and hormonal changes. Due to these changes, many embarrassing problems may occur, out of which the most concerned topic is the swollen vagina. This problem needs emergency medical attention. Here you can read major reasons behind it, symptoms and its treatment.

Healthy Diet for a Younger Mind

Approximately around 45 billion people globally have Alzheimer’s disease (a disease that destroys memory and its functions). U.S. News states that MIND diet takes two proven diets ­­– DASH and Mediterranean – and zeroes in on the foods in each that specifically affect brain health. Brain-healthy foods may cure Alzheimer’s disease. Check out the foods that you should eat and avoid to keeps the memory loss at bay.

Revamp your Digestion with Yoga Moves

Overeating and excess intake of alcohol or caffeine can cause the stomach troubles, If you are suffering from the upset stomach from a long time then this is the thing you need to take care of. Chronic stomach pain gives rise to terrible problems like -chest pain, gallstones, Crohn’s, hemorrhoids and more. Revamp all the digestion problems with yoga as it is the best natural way to cure such troubles.