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A Healthy Diet Tribute to Healthy Heart

The Ornish Diet is said to be the best diet for healthy hearts which includes all the beans, grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables, low-fat and no-fat dairy products. Good health means to have a good diet, daily exercise, and supplements which can’t get from diet. Have a look at these powerful foods that will lower cholesterol level, and help you to boost your heart’s strength.

Healthy Diet for a Younger Mind

Approximately around 45 billion people globally have Alzheimer’s disease (a disease that destroys memory and its functions). U.S. News states that MIND diet takes two proven diets ­­– DASH and Mediterranean – and zeroes in on the foods in each that specifically affect brain health. Brain-healthy foods may cure Alzheimer’s disease. Check out the foods that you should eat and avoid to keeps the memory loss at bay.

Best Sugar-Free Diet Cookies for Weight Loss

The low carb cookies diet is the secret hunger snack that keeps the check on your calorie count and your appetite at bay. Sugar-free truffle is the superb diet idea for overweight patients who wants to intake less sugar but the flavourful taste at the same time. Try this luscious Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cookie, which is dairy-free and designed in a way by keeping in mind the nuts allergy victims.