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How beans and legumes are beneficial for your Health?

Legumes contain essential nutrients including carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, vitamin, and minerals. Pulses protect you from heart diseases, constipation since rich in fiber, easy to digest and available in a very low cost. Beans and legumes are even beneficial for pregnant women as according to the U.S. Dry Bean Council, they are an excellent source of naturally-occurring folic acid.

What to drink before sleep to Weight Loss?

A perfect sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle. When you feel tired, your metabolism slows down, your body consumes less energy, no calories burning and thus weight gain. Here are five best bedtime drinks that will not only help you to sleep well but also cleanse your body, boost your metabolism, nurture your body growth, help your body to significantly loose weight.

Lose Weight with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is so luscious and healthy food that you can add to your everyday breakfast menu. It has a great source of fibre so takes a long time to get digested, which prevents overeating. Sweet potatoes contain low calorie which is very important factor in losing weight. The less you intake the high-calories the less you will gain weight.