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Negative Thinking Cause Depression

Negative thinking is the first cause of chronic depression, that can poorly spoil your mind and body. Psychologically our life depends on our thoughts, negative thinking generates the ego in person. Mind-reading is from one of the reasons of your negative thoughts , stop doing it and read more to know how you can stop dwelling on negative thinking.

Daily Practices to Raise Your Children Spiritually

Every parent wants to connect their children to God. To build a spiritually raised family, teach your children to fulfill the purpose why God has given them birth. Don’t get influenced or distracted from your path due to others. Inspire them to focus on everything that can help them grow and fulfill their motives. Trust the lord and let his every single word reside within you. Follow these practices regularly to spiritually raise your children.

Why engage in Bhakti Yoga?

Bhakti Yoga is the truest way to worship the Lord. Enchanting His name will bring peace to your soul and let you connect more to God. You will feel his presence around you that will make you more strong. Once you will surrender yourself to God, your devotion towards the almighty soul will remove bad feelings from your heart like jealousy, lust, anger, hatred, ego and fill your heart with love feeling.

Let your Stress be your Strength

Many people around us are either a victim of stress or they have been through it. Stress causes a lot of bad effects on your health as well as life. But you can conquer it by making your strength rather than feeling it like a weakness. Stop thinking about things that have not happened yet or had happened already. In both the cases, you can’t do anything except ruining your time and health. Grasp a sense of positive attitude from things around. Focus on things that make you happy. All you can do this by dealing boldly with the stressful situations.

Unexpected Consequences of Drinking Cold Water

Drinking cold water in summers may make you feel cool and relaxed but have you ever thought, how bad the consequences can be. Yes, you heard it right! Cold Water can harm your body. It closes all your skin pores thus damaging skin cells as they can’t breathe properly. Cold water does not allow complete digestion of food if consumed after meals. Also, this reduces the immune power of the body to fight against diseases. This is just a caution to alert you. Read further to know in detail.

Boost up your Mood for Happy Life

It is your mood that affects your whole day. If you are happy you will find happiness in every little thing. If you are upset you will feel stuck in all situations. If you feel lazy you will not be interested in doing anything and if active you will love doing your work. The main thing is your mood decides your everything. That’s why it is very important to keep yourself cool for a happy living. But how can you help it? Read this article to know interesting ways to boost up your mood easily.

Are You Worried about Your Kid’s Teeth Development?

When baby starts developing new teeth mothers are generally very worried. Are they developing their teeth properly? When your baby’s teeth start growing you should become more caring towards them. At this stage, their teeth are too sensitive that they should never be exposed to sugar. As they grow, try to stop your kids from sucking thumb or pacifiers. Know more precautions that every mother must follow during this stage of their children.

Be Aware of Spiritual Attack!

From years it is believed that spiritual warfare exists. There is an enemy who can’t see us happy and just wants to destroy us. People start feeling someone around, hear different sounds and live a fearful life. Are you experiencing this same situation? if yes, then be aware, it is Spiritual Attack. Here are some signs that you will help you to easily recognize and defeat Spiritual Attack.