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Causes and Treatment of Persistent Headaches

There can be any reason for the extreme headaches like sleep loss, stress, medication effect, cold, fatigue, head injury, rapid ingestion of a very cold beverage or food, and dental or sinus issues. A headache reveals the health condition of the human body. There are more than 200 types of headaches. Out of which some are life-threatening while others are harmless. Try the easiest home remedies for serve headaches

How to Deal with Fever Blisters?

Getting fever blisters can spoil your beauty and are so painful to bear. These are cold sores that break out around the lips, under nose or chin due to Herpes Simplex type 1 Virus. Common Triggers behind this highly contagious virus are sunburn, stress, cold and much more. Here are some natural remedies to get relief from burning sensations of cold sores in just four to five days.

Fitness Boosters for Healthy Metabolism

Maintaining healthy metabolism is following regular workout that may lower cholesterol level and utilise your food calorie to energise your body for proper body functioning. Feeling sick often, constipation, allergies, low energy are some signs that show you need to boost your metabolism level. Here are the powerful metabolism boosters that you must know about for a healthy routine.

How to relieve Ear Congestion Problems Naturally?

Have you ever felt Ear Congestion? It is a blockage or infection in the ear canal. This congestion occurs due to dizziness, cold, excessive wax building or oral infections. It results in difficulty in hearing, nasal clogging or nose bleeding and may turn you deaf if ignored. Here are some natural remedies for quick relief from ear congestion. If this blockage persists with pain consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Home Remedies to Heal Corns on Feet

As we move forward with our daily work routines, our feet are exposed to excess walking or travelling pressure. It causes hard and thickened skin in circle forms at specific foot points, known as corns. Corns lead to excessive pain and the reason behind may be uncomfortable footwear, walking or standing for too long time. Here are some useful home remedies to help cure corns naturally.

Natural Ways to Treat Cavities

Oral Health is directly concerned with our diet. Sugary foods like milk, candies or cakes are often left in our teeth. Bacteria grew on such food eat away tooth and cause tooth decay. Eating too many sweet products, not brushing regularly and many more reasons are responsible for it. Learn more about its causes and how to heal it naturally.